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Retirement here I come

August 01, 2007 - 4 comments
Recently I retired. Was this good news or bad? I do know that before I submitted that final resignation letter I spent a lot of time in consultation with financial advisors, friends and colleagues, and especially with myself. I did a lot of thinking about whether I really wanted to ring that big brass bell, a bell presented to all retiring educators, for the last time. After 30 years of bells, timetables and structure, what would days be like without them?

Would I actually begin to work on projects set aside for just this time? Would I sit down in front of my dusty piano and start to practise those scales? Would I get out my long-neglected Italian workbook and memorize the verb "to be"? Would I buy some dividers and re-organize my dog-eared cookbook?

Or would I succumb to the call of the sofa, and numb my mind with daytime soap operas while stuffing my body with mounds of ice cream covered in peanuts and chocolate sauce?

Meanwhile my financial advisor worked out the pension details, my colleagues and friends planned the party, and the brass bell got wrapped. I hesitated ...

Then an idea came to me. What about a compromise? A part-time job, easy to find in education, that would allow me lots of freedom but still provide a crutch so that I wouldn't have to quit cold turkey. After only a few phone calls, I actually found the perfect job, a few days a year, related to my areas of expertise and spread out over 10 months, the dates known ahead of time so that I could plan around them.

Now I am ready. Mail out the pension cheque, organize the party, dust off the piano. Retirement here I come!

Sue Eaman

King City, Ont.


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