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Mon. Spotlight - Inbox: Kissing, hugging, KISS and Valerie's art

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Millions and millions hugged

Regarding your video on FYI TV, Amma visits Toronto, I think the 31-million figure for hugs that you cite is the number of individuals Amma has hugged. The actual number of hugs Amma has given over the years is probably much higher, as many of those people (myself included since 1998) are repeat customers.

Mike Brooker, Toronto


Kisses are welcome

We saw your video piece on Amma from the Toronto program. Very nice! I was so touched by your sensitive interviews and observations. By the way, kissing Amma on the cheek is absolutely fine. I do it about eight of out 10 times I'm up there! It's a spontaneous act of affection in return for her love.

Rajeswari Devi 
Communications officer, Amma Canada


The power of mothers

I enjoyed reading your article "Hugs For All" featuring the Indian spiritual leader Amma and thank you for writing about the good works of this great woman. Oh, the healing power of God's love for human kind which is being clearly revealed in her story! There is nothing that can replace God's love given through a "holy mother." This is what God also says in the Scriptures: "Happy the man who has a godly mother."

This article is a miracle and I pray that all mothers will see their great dignity and important role to raise the next general of holy men and women.

In the sixties, a popular song with the refrain, "What the world needs now, is love sweet love," was very popular and everyone agreed with it. However, it was falsely interpreted as "sexual freedom" which has completely destroyed "true love" in our society. A man who is not properly loved and taught by his mother will develop a bad attitude to get her attention which he will carry with him in society. Then, as a result, he gets rejected and pushed around and anger and frustration build up in his heart, which leads him to hatred and violence which we can see increasingly through all the world.

Our world's leaders who support wars as a means for peace should get a hug from this godly woman and see what miracles God would work through a change of attitude. I encourage you to continue publishing this type of "good works" article.

Pierrette Gagnon, Toronto


Leonard a true talent

Re the Living Large column by Paul Knowles in the Cambridge edition of FYI: It's really great to see new talent being recognized, especially Verlaine Leonard. I've seen her paintings first-hand and was duly impressed with the depth of texture and my emotional response. I hope to one day have one to call my own.

Marie Leonard, Cochrane Ont.


I have seen quite a few of Verlaine's paintings and I too love them. She is very talented, and I know we will be seeing more of her work around.

Caroline Tichit, New Hamburg, Ont.



An article on Gene Simmons in the August edition of FYI described him as the lead singer of Kiss. Simmons sometimes sings lead vocals but so does Paul Stanley … a travel article from the August edition indicated that the town of Tweed is located in Prince Edward County. In fact it is located in nearby Hastings County. We regret the error.


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