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Rogers monitoring package permits remote home control

By Don Wall

The Rogers empire seems to have its fingerprints on everything in Canada these days, with tennis tournaments, sports networks, cable packages, stadiums, wireless networks and much more bearing the mega-company’s imprint.

The latest service is a home-monitoring package that will enable Ontario homeowners to keep track of various household functions from a remote location, including while on vacation or, for snowbirds, from the U.S. sunbelt.

The service, previously supplied by the likes of home-security entrepreneurs or electronics outlets is called Smart Home Monitoring.

Consumers can use a a hand-held device or a computer based in a remote location to keep track of lighting and temperature, watch visuals or monitor home security. When an alarm occurs, a touchpad connects with the Rogers central monitoring station simultaneously over both Rogers cable and wireless networks. The touchpad works through encrypted wall-mounted or table-top smart sensors throughout the home.

Video alerts can be sent via text or email.

The program works for anyone travelling abroad with the right connections, notes Rogers spokesperson Anne Morello. “As long as your home is in the [Rogers] Ontario footprint you can monitor it from anywhere you have access to the internet,” she explained. Another Rogers colleague, Allison Fitton, added, “They [snowbirds] can use the mobile app and web portal to keep an eye on their home when they are down south.”

Some communities in Ontario, such as Hamilton, are outside of that Rogers “footprint” and so the service is not available to anyone living there.

Rogers says it will be employing a real-time, ‘round-the-clock monitoring team at the Rogers Central Monitoring Station with experience in security, monitoring and emergency services.

Smart Home Monitoring has three rate plans, starting with the Home Basics plan at $39.99 per month. Rogers Cable Hi-Speed internet is required.  The Touchpad starter kit is $149 on a three-year term, or $749 with no term. Installation is $99.


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