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Inbox: Irrelevant relationship, whisky vs. whiskey, Corey Hart

By FYI readers
March 06, 2012 - 15 comments

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Couples information irrelevant

The critique of the musical War Horse in the February edition mentions that writers Adrian Kohler and Basil James are “a same-sex couple in real life."

This is information your readers have no need to know. It adds nothing to the story and is, in fact, inappropriate in this day and age!

If the musical were about marriage or a related subject, this info may shed some light on their interpretation. But I fail to see what relevance it has for a musical production where the star is a horse.

Get with it, Keith Garebian!

Edith Leuverink
Waterloo, Ont.

Editor's Note: The writer Keith Garebian replies, "It is interesting and relevant in a story about a playwriting partnership to note how a domestic partnership feeds into an artistic one." We feel that it is relevant to acknowledge the domestic relationship, just as we would a heterosexual relationship in this kind of story.

Whisky versus whiskey

The article on scotch-tasting in February misspelled the word whisky when referring to the product from Scotland. The spelling is connected to the country of production both in the singular and plural form.

The term whisky should always be used with Scotch, Canadian and Japanese products so that readers realize these are products that are only produced in each country of origin. The same is true for Irish whiskey and American whiskey.

The USA produces bourbon and rye whiskey under strict government regulations. This is not the case in Canada where there is little control in producing Canadian whisky or Canadian rye whisky and in a majority of cases there are no rules for the percentage of the grains used in the mash.

• Scotland, Canada, Japan – whisky, whiskies
• Ireland – whiskey, whiskeys
• USA - whisky, whiskies, with two exceptions. Maker’s Mark and George Dickel are spelled same way as in Scotland


David Matthew
An Quaich The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada
Peachland, BC

Loved Hart’s brooding attitude

In response to a story online at titled Turning 50 in 2012: Corey Hart, Larry wrote:

Corey Hart was and is my favourite singer of all time. It was his music that helped me thru my early teen years and led me into a positive direction in life. His music was not only pleasant to the ear but it had something to say – it related exactly to the things I was going through and thinking about when I was younger.

I have come to learn that he wrote most of these songs when he was in his teens! He’s such a humble guy and super talented. I’ve got to admit, though, I copied his sense of fashion and the pouting, brooding character and it really help me with the girls!

Don’t worry, Corey, I’m 42 now, heading that way. Happy Birthday man and God Bless!


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