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Boomer demographics / Right time to retire / Doctoring pets

June 07, 2012 - 5 comments

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Boomer demographic is diverse

Re: Research the key for businesses hoping to crack mature market (May FYI)

Most definitely we need to be specific when we think about creating content that will interest different types of boomers. This population segment can be broken out along so many different lines, even health and fitness. We hear so much about how fit and healthy boomers are but this is not the case across the board. Many are not on the fitness bandwagon and don't respond to posts about healthy living. Not all of them are on Facebook either and many of those who are would rather be diverted from their “sandwich generation” woes with jokes and fun. Certainly in social media, it's all about engagement and mirroring boomers back to themselves by being empathetic and fun. But no matter how good a throwing arm you have or how good you are at cooking your pasta, it won't always stick to the wall!

Kathy Barthel
Print and Online Editor
Comfort Life Magazine
Mississauga, Ont.

Right time

Re your online poll asking if 65 is still the right age for retirement, I don’t think there should be a one-age-fits all for retirement. Those who work under serious stress, like nurses in cancer wards and air-traffic controllers, and those who  do hard, hazardous work, such as coal miners,  should be allowed to retire in their fifties.  And people who love their work should be allowed to stay on the job as long as they are capable of doing it.

William Bedford

Pet owners want basic care

Re. online post: Is this a good idea? Doctoring you own pets

I personally know of quite a few pet owners who treat their own pets with over-the-counter medicine. The dogs have lived to an average of 16 years and the cats to over 20 years. If veterinarians did not charge as much as they do, more pet owners would avail themselves of their services. I know they have the education and the same diagnostic tools as people hospitals. Maybe pet owners just want basic care and not all the bells and whistles. If we decline blood tests, x-rays, surgery etc. we're made to feel that we don't love our pets. We have to pay high prices to offset their costs. With over the counter drugs we can still afford to care for them and still pay for pet food.

Janice Abrams
Welland, Ont.


Accurate and safe home treatment is better than dropping an animal off at a shelter because you can't or don't want to afford a vet visit, which is why so many animals end up in shelters. This author is a credible, experienced vet who realizes that people who do love their pets want and need an alternative. And he offers many signs and symptoms where he points out that a vet visit is absolutely necessary.

Cindy Dashnaw
Greenfield, Ind., USA


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