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Gadgets: Kobo e-book for $100

By Andy Walker

Kobo Touch

You’ve no doubt heard of ebooks – they are electronic versions of paper books that are displayed on a tabletlike device. pioneered the Kindle ebook reader, but the homegrown solution in Canada is called the Kobo. The new Kobo Touch is the next-generation device that works with books sold by Chapters Indigo in Canada and all kinds of other ebook formats. The gadget is about the size of a paperback book (six inches diagonally) and uses a crisp black and white screen to display the book. Unlike reading on a computer screen the display is not lit, so it’s just like reading text on paper. (The technology is called e-ink.) The display is touch sensitive so you “click” with your finger to turn a page or do a search for a book in the on-board library.

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Price:  $99

Fuji Instax Mini 50S

If you are looking for easy photography – and when I say easy I mean not digital! –  then you want to check out the Fuji Instax line. This instant film camera is like the Polaroid style instant pictures that develop in your hand. The instant film comes in a cartridge that fits into the back of the camera that contains 10 credit-card-sized photos. You shoot your picture and the image ejects from the body of the camera. It’s that simple. The camera also comes with a macro lens to allow you to snap close up pictures as well.

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Price: $129 (but you may find it as low as $99)

Sony HD Camcorder with Built-in Projector

This Sony video camera (model number HDRPJ200B) is your own personal Hollywood. It has the capability to shoot beautiful high-definition video with ease and then play it back on its own built-in projector that can display a 100-inch (diagonal) image. It also has a sensor inside that captures images in low light improving clarity and reducing grain in dim lighting conditions.  And there is an added bonus in this little device: You can also shoot 5.3 megapixel still images.

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Price: $449.99


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