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BOB'S BLOG: Grey Cup, A to Z

By Bob Wood
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November 23, 2012 - 13 comments

(Photo - Warren Moon is one of two players in both the CFL and NFL hall of fames.

Grey Cup Eh to Zee.

Here is your 2012 Grey Cup Guide. It is especially designed for the casual fan or those tuning in from south of the border.

A Argonauts 2012 home squad has 15 wins but famously fumbled it away in 71.

B Baltimore Their Stallions only U.S. team to win (95).

C Crossing over If 4th place team in one division has more points, not tied, than the third-place team in the other division, the fourth-place team will crossover to the other division, replace the third place team in that division, and compete against the second-place team of that division in the playoffs. No crossovers have ever made it to the championship game.

D Designated Import An import designated to only replace another import on the field.

E Eskimos Edmonton’s team won five in a row (82-86)

F Fifty-five. Sit on this yard line for the best seat in the house.

G Green Riders Beloved Saskatchewan community owned franchise lost 7 times prior to first win (66). Have dropped 7 since.

H Half Time No problem when Nickleback appeared at our mid game entertainment.

I Import A player who has received training in football outside of Canada by having participated as a player in a football game outside of Canada prior to attaining the age of seventeen years.

J Justice Not given an opportunity in the States Afro-American athletes like Chuck Ealey, Warren Moon and Damon Allen get chance to start and star as QBs here.

K Kapp, Joe Quarterback lost Rose and Super Bowls but won 64 Cup and fight with aging former wrestler at 2011 festivities.

L Lions Joined league as first B.C team in 1954.

M Montreal Winger Wheeler pivot Warren Stephens tossed the first ever touchdown pass in Grey Cup history in 1931. (Detroit Red Wings stole their logo.)

N Non-Import A non import is a player (a) other than one defined as an import or (b) who was classified a non-import prior to Nov.28/05 or (c) is physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of seven years prior to attaining the age of 15 years, or a Player who is a Canadian citizen and was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five (5) years prior to attaining the age of 18 years.

O Ottawa Not in league now but won as Senators (25, 26) and six times as Rough Riders.

P Pegs Winnipeg Pegs led by North Dakota native Fritz “Twinkle Toes Hanson became 1st western winner. (35)

Q Quarterback Almost always an American because of designated import restrictions as defined in the CFL By-laws, Section 8, sub-sections 1 and 2 as amended by Article 3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

R Rouge Four of these scores (single points from punts) were recorded in lowest scoring game ever in Toronto 4 - Sarnia Imperials 3. (33)

S Stampeders Western Rep in this year’s game. Calgary team has won six.

T Tripper, The Nickname given to the late David Humphrey, lawyer and judge, who stuck out his foot in 57 match upending Hamilton Ticat “Bibbles” Bawel and preventing a touchdown.

U Universities Schools have captured the Cup seven times - Toronto (4) & Queen’s (3).

V Visionary As Commissioner from 68-84 Jake Gaudaur increased revenues six-fold, helped establish a Player Pension and maintained and enhanced the Grey cup’s identify as a truly Canadian event.

W Weather Indoors this year, so no worries. But there’ve been 2 Wind Bowls (65, 95), a Fog Bowl that took two days (62), an Ice Bowl (77) and in the 1950 Mud Bowl Bomber lineman Buddy Tinsley almost drowned.

X XTRA MAN We play with twelve not eleven. Thirteen can be an advantage in the stands but a penalty on the field.

Y Years Hundredth game being celebrated this year but 1940 event was a two game total point match with Ottawa prevailing over Balmy Beach so you could call it 101.

Z Zuger, Joe Arizona State grad was losing QB in Fog Bowl but won 3 others. Honourable mention: Zenon Andrusyshyn, Canadian punter who played for UCLA,  the Toronto Argos, the KC Chief and the Montreal Alouettes. Held Ontario high school javelin record for 35 years.




Bob Wood is a housing and poverty advocate and former two-term Burlington City Councillor who is building a bed-and-breakfast with his wife on Lake Erie. 


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