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Women on the move: Becky

Women on the Moveis a one-a-month series on this blog about women of retirement age who refuse to retire from life. Women who seek and embrace change. Women who stand at the bend in the road and, with a sense of adventure, impulsiveness, curiosity and courage, keep walking.


Only you will ever know the moments that make it all worthwhile.

Listen to the quiet

The first warning came from my grandmother. I was 27, running through life. Not like there was no tomorrow but like I had to get to tomorrow before anyone else did. My grandmother gave me a book, “Slow Me Down, Lord”. I did not listen to the warning.

Could she dance

She was a 70-something, 5-foot something, silver-haired beauty with eyes that could carry on a conversation and a smile that could make a beggar give up his last dime.

Advertorial: 300 More Reasons to Head South For the Winter

As temperatures begin to drop up North, Southern Vacation Rentals is gearing up for the winter by adding nearly 300 vacation rentals to their options for guests to stay along the beaches of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama.

Advertorial - Snowbird season is almost here

Get ready for a sweet Southern experience because snowbird season is almost here!

Advertorial - Choose a sweet southern winter vacation in Northwest Florida

Dreaming of spending your winter in a warmer climate? Southern Vacation Rentals wants to help you find the perfect home, cottage or condo rental in Northwest Florida for your extended stay this winter.

Hamilton: Not a lunchpail town

A trip to the Hamilton area will soon convince you that there is much more there than steel-mills, bowling alleys and football.

The world’s greatest detective

Robert Fabian, who had risen through the ranks of the London Metropolitan Police Force to become detective superintendent of Scotland Yard, was popularly known as the world’s greatest detective.

Memories of London’s underground

All the hubbub surrounding Toronto’s expansion of its smallish subway service got me to thinking about the massive London Underground System with its almost 300 stations on 11 different lines.

Forever Young Information

Canada's Adult Lifestyle Publication

Hip health: learn to move well

Mar 27, 2017 - 0 comments

When it comes to hip strains and pains, learning how to move is the best way to reduce or prevent pain and discomfort.

Righteous Rhythms


Belly dancing tones and sculpts the body, helps with fitness and weight loss, improves breathing and posture – and is a heck of a lot of fun - click headline or photo

Sitting around shortens your life


Book discusses ‘How Simple Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death’ - click headline or photo

The Continent’s biggest spa offers Las Vegas oasis


This health-oriented oasis balanced my glitzy, over-the-top trip to Glitter Gulch with a conference centred on eating, drinking and getting merry...Between bites of mouth-watering morsels prepared by... - click headline or photo

Olympic Inspirations


Former Olympic cyclist Kelly Ann Erdman assists current Olympians and ordinary boomers achieve their dreams. The first step: set a goal - click headline or photo

Spotlight - Special Treatment: Shipboard spas spoil you at sea


Growing interest in wellness has generated a sea change in shipboard facilities. The following includes some examples of shipboard health-and-wellness facilities following a recent survey of their member companies by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA.) headline or photo for info.

Mon. Spotlight - Inbox: Kissing, hugging, KISS and Valerie's art


To contribute for the FYI Inbox, visit to post comments directly attached to stories; look us up on Facebook (search foreveryoungnews); find us on Twitter at FYI_Magazine; or email the editor at; or write us a letter the old fashioned way.

Sunday Spotlight: Hugs in July for all 5,000 Amma's devotees


Indian spiritual leader Amma visited Toronto in July to preach her gospel of service and love and dispense a few thousand of her trademark hugs

Food and Drink: ‘Super foods’ for a long life

May 15, 2011 - 7 comments

What do residents of Okinawa, Sardinia and Loma Linda have in common? Says Leslie Beck, author of The Longevity Diet, thanks in part to their diet, they live exceptionally long lives *** Who wants to live forever? While immortality may not...

“Acting” may help mental health / male breast cancer no myth / shake the salt

Apr 18, 2011 - 5 comments

  While it sounds counter-intuitive, there’s a growing body of mental-health research suggesting that one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to try not to act like yourself. You heard right. “Being true to yourself" often means...