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BOB'S BLOG: Assistant B&B manager wonders if life can imitate art

By Bob Wood
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October 29, 2013 - 67 comments

Things have been a bit slow at the Bed and Breakfast lately.

You’ve heard about the B & B before - SEE HERE.

We are located in the bird watching centre of the universe (well, of Ontario anyway) - Long Point/Port Rowan.  Consequently, we expected to be busy during fall migration.  We haven’t been.

You may be surprised to hear that my responsibilities as Assistant B & B Manager are limited.  I make coffee.  I also do perogies, if requested, but have had no such requests to date.  A final obligation is to dress appropriately when greeting guests.  But what is “appropriate” in your own house, I wonder?

This absence of guests has given me time to think.  Sometimes that is problematic as when the thinking process inevitably winds down there is the urge to fix, or worse, build things.

Right now, we have a new barbecue to assemble.  But, I had better leave that for my son.  How about that fire pit that needs laying out in the backyard?  Looks simple, but I’m old enough to know better.

Then I remember my new mantra.  “What me, worry?”  I’m semi- retired.  It is the middle of a drizzly Wednesday afternoon.  I can take a break, right? 

Time for a video.

I’m happy to report that I can now routinely (nearly always) push the buttons on my DVD/TV remote in the right sequence so that an image appears on the TV screen.  If I’m lucky, and I am today, I’ll get the signal to “Play” rather than that taunting “Play is unavailable, no disc is loaded.”

From my not so extensive collection of movies on birds, I’ve selected the 2001 comedy Rare Birds starring William Hurt, Andy Jones and Molly Parker.  Maybe you’ve seen it?

It is about Dave Purcell (Hurt), a guy with problems, who owns a restaurant but has no customers.  Neighbour Alphonse Murphy (Andy Jones) has an idea.  Business might improve if a rare bird appeared in the vicinity and sure enough, one does “appear.”   Diners, lots of them arrive, too.

Here is a TRAILER

I’ll finish watching  the movie.  Then get back to the cerebral stuff….

Right now, there is a Brown Booby, an extremely rare bird (for these parts) hanging out in the Niagara River near Fort Erie.  Typically, this species is only found in southern Florida or the Gulf of California.  TheSouthern Ontario/Northwest New York birding community is overjoyed, turning out in droves and high fiving. CHECK THIS OUT

What if that Booby relocated from Niagara to the Long Point/ Port Rowan area?  Or maybe it has a friend.

Something for the Assistant Manager to ponder. 

Bob Wood is a housing and poverty advocate and former two-term Burlington City Councillor who has built a bed-and-breakfast with his wife on Lake Erie. 


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October 29, 2013
The Editor said:

The editor feels compelled to interject here, re Bob's title, it may not be the most glorious, but it is a couple of ranks higher than that the one a character of Trailer Park Boys had, that of Part-Time Assistant Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor, or even his own coaching title, of House League Peewee Assistant Offensive Coordinator. We assistants have to stick together!

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