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Gadgets: Smart Lock enhances total home security

By Andy Walker
March 29, 2014 - 1 comments

Goji Smart Lock

Home security just got a whole lot easier thanks to Goj Smart Lock. This device lets you open your door without a key. Instead, use your smartphone to lock and unlock the front door or give access to someone via text message. Your out-of-town guests, the dog walkers, and housekeepers can get in easily without worrying about a physical key. You can receive real-time updates to track arrival and departure activities while you are away from the home.  Also, you can reprogram locks when, say, contractors finish their work. The lock also features a live peephole camera.  Using the Goji app, you can receive image previews of visitors at the door. As an extra precaution, programmable fobs and a back-up key are included. Lose your phone? No problem! Goji’s support line can be contacted 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

More info:
Price: $299
Availablity: Now

Pebble Steel smartwatch

Smartwatch maker Pebble has unveiled its second-generation smartwatch, called the Pebble Steel, evolving it from the hit seller it brought the market about a year ago.  The new device is more durable than its predecessor.  It is built with a Corning Gorilla glass lens for strength and with an anti-fingerprint coating to stop smudges. A smaller, thinner milled stainless-steel package provides a sleeker look than the original.  The improved gadget runs on 5-7 days of battery power and works with existing Pebble Apps.  Users can still do things like: view incoming calls, control music, measure fitness goals and receive silent alarm signals, even when their mobile phone is not within arm’s reach.  The ePaper display also allows for great readability in all environments.  And, it is still waterproof for people who like to go for a swim.

More info:
Price: CAD$249
Availability: Now

Kolibree Toothbrush

Kolibree has created the world’s first connected, electric toothbrush.  The product integrates technology with your brushing routine to improve your dental hygiene. The toothbrush is connected to an app on your smartphone, which records your daily brushing activity.  Information such as: length of brushing time, accuracy of brushed regions, and incidence of forgotten teeth is reported.  Progress is graphed on an ongoing basis.  It can be shared with up to five other participants (perhaps your dentist!).

More info:
Price: Projected price $99-$200 (for various models)
Availability: Summer 2014


March 30, 2014

I am on a budget and I use Return on Investment as my yardstick when I evaluate which home automation product I should install in my home.
Everyone knows that if a burglar wants in they'll likely attempt entry through a window hidden by bushes or shadows. I was able to automate my existing front door's deadbolt by merely replacing only the thumb-turn on the inside of my door. I can lock/unlock remotely from 80 feet away using encrypted RFID.
I kept the outside portion of my architectural grade deadbolt as it matches the handle-set beneath it. Now I have money left over to secure my windows.

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