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Wearable camcorder / check on your pet / check on yourself

By Andy Walker

Panasonic HX-A500 wearable 4K camcorder

Panasonic has created the first 4K wearable camcorder.  4K? That’s techie-speak for Ultra High Definition video which has almost 4000 pixels of horizontal picture detail. It has almost four times the resolution of HDTV. The gadget has two components: an arm-mounted control centre, which has a 1.5-inch colour LCD display and joystick control. The second component is a mini-camera that weighs only 31g and is designed to mount to your head so it can capture what you see. The gadget can record video underwater for up to 30 minutes at 10 metres, and is dust resistant.  It also has wireless technology built-in that allows control from a smartphone or tablet.  You can also broadcast your adventures in real-time to share with family and friends over social media.

More info:
Price: CAD $399.99
Availability: June 2014


The Petchatz is a two-way interactive webcam for you and your pet. Using a web-enabled computer or mobile device you can see your pet and they can see and hear you.  To install the gadget, you mount it over an electrical outlet and secure it to a wall stud, then connect it to a home WiFi network.  It also comes with scent pads so you can puff bursts of essential oils from the camera unit at your pet to calm them. You can also remotely control the treat dispenser.  A special ring tone can be assigned to the device that lets your pet know you are calling. Hilarious? Yes. But,  very awesome.  The design is low-profile and chew resistant.

More info:
Price: $349
Availability: Summer 2014

Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone’s UP24 is a discrete wristband that monitors daily activities such as sleep, movement and eating.  It records your activities and tracks health goals with real-time alerts and progress reports.  The UP24 is a step up from its predecessor, the UP, with its 24-hour Bluetooth wireless link that sends data about your activity to your smartphone wirelessly in real time. Both Apple and Android smart phones are supported.  You get daily summaries of collected daytime and night-time data that provide useful insights.  You can design daily goals, like bedtimes or steps taken, with the “Today I Will” feature.  Track fitness goals by logging food intake and workouts.  Discover what actions encourage a particular mood.  To make it even simpler, you can sync other fitness apps (like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal) with the UP24.  The rubber bracelet’s battery lasts one week between charges to allow for daily wear and constant tracking.

More info:
Price: $149.99
Availability: Now


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