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Ropeless jump rope; Ultra food processor

By Andy Walker
Lifestyle, Technology Slideshow
July 25, 2014 - 0 comments

Joby GripTight GorillaPod

The selfie is all the rage these days and Joby has the perfect gadget for its execution.  It’s called the GripTight GorillaPod, a smartphone-holding tripod with three bendable legs that wrap around almost any object in any environment.  The adjustable head rotates 360 degrees so shots can be taken from multiple perspectives.  It captures clear images and quality video footage without shaky hands.  The downloadable GorillaPod app makes shooting easy with features like Self-Timer mode, Tap Anywhere to Shoot mode and Stop Motion video recording.  It is great for holding your phone while you Skype or attached to your car’s rearview mirror to hold a GPS.  It’s not just for smartphones. Serious photographers will be happy to learn that the tripod holds regular cameras too.

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Price: $37.99
Availability: Now

Yonanas Elite

This kitchen gadget produces frozen homemade treats with the consistency of ice cream, but made entirely of fruit.  Unlike a blender or food processor that grinds their contents, it gently emulsifies to create a creamy texture.  Use overripe bananas as a base then add frozen fruit or chocolate to personalize a concoction.   It’s a very simple process: insert all ingredients from your favourite recipe and watch your dessert come right out the other end.  It’s a great sugar-free option for dieters and diabetics and it’s a dairy-free option for vegans, and a healthy option for everyone else.

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Price: $145
Availability: Now


It’s not easy to make time for daily workouts, which is why the JumpSnap ropeless skipping rope helps you get trim. The device is ingenious, yet basic. It’s a set of handlebars that are held in each hand while you skip.  Each contains an onboard computer that tracks number of jumps, calories burned and time elapsed.  Resistance can be increased on both sides for a more challenging workout. Audio progress reports are played at regular intervals by an electronic coach. Jumping without a rope involves less coordination and reduces the risk of tripping.  Take it on-the-go and use it in areas that have limited space.

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Price: $45
Availability: Now


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