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Phabulous phablet, charger extraordinaire, square smartphone

By Andy Walker
Lifestyle, Technology Slideshow
August 23, 2014 - 0 comments

TP-LINK Power Bank

If you struggle to keep your gadgets charged while on the road then you might want to pick up a couple of these external battery chargers.  The Power Bank is intended for the "connected" mobile enthusiast who uses lots of gadgets. It is a highly portable gadget charger that weighs only 241g (8.5 oz) and measures about 3.5 by 1.75 by 1.75 inches  (8.8 by 4.4 cm by 4.4 cm) long.

You can charge two devices at once via two USB ports. A LED charge indicator shows battery level. A built-in flashlight can come in handy for unexpected emergencies. It has enough juice to charge a smartphone three to five times before it is drained and needs to be recharged itself.

It’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, and Android and Blackberry smartphones, and will also work with handheld video games, digital cameras and other handheld gadgets.

Price: $59.99
More info:
Availability: Now

Blackberry Passport

A square smartphone? Yes! This is the latest offering from Blackberry, a 4.5-inch square mobile device that promises some exciting new features. It’s part of a new category of smartphones people are calling phablets. That’s part phone and part small tablet.

The Passport features a traditional Blackberry keyboard, with dual function. It responds when keys are pressed and when fingers glide across it. The touch keyboard compatibility allows the user to delete words, write with autocorrect, browse web sites and scroll through emails or apps. Or, if a keyboard is not for you, the screen iscan be your touchpad, similar to most iOS and Android devices.

It’s been engineered to make reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web easier. While most smartphones display up to 40 characters per line, the Passport’s square screen shows 60, a number that mimics a physical book layout. The Passport has had a sneak peek debut, but isn’t expected to be available until the fall.

More info:
Price: Not yet announced
Availablity: October 2014

Selfie Toaster

If you have a hard time feeling inspired in the morning you might want to think about eating something special.  Perhaps a slice of toast that’s been branded with your favourite quote, or maybe, your puppy’s face, could do the trick?

Vermont-based Burnt Impressions has created a genius little toaster that personalizes toast. Place an order and you’ll be asked to upload an image. It can be a photo, clipart, or a phrase that is one to three lines, five characters each. When you finalize your purchase, they’ll send you a toaster that toasts your image on every piece of bread you pop in the appliance. It also comes in a variety of funky colours. It works the same as any other toaster, just plug it into a 120V electrical outlet.

More info:
Price: $75
Availability: Now


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