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Stephen Ames, Red Green, unplugging my iPad, Ontario election, extended-stay visa

September 11, 2014 - 0 comments

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Re: Mike’s back! (June FYI)
Interesting you provided a great deal of background about Stephen Ames (dual citizenship, lived in Calgary for 21 years, etc.) but just a brief quote from Mike Weir: “We’re back to Canada a few times a year.

In fact, his permanent home has been in Utah for many years.  Dual citizenship?  Why doesn’t his bio show that? Is he embarrassed about that?

The media keep referring to him as Mike Weir from Bright’s Grove, Ont.  Then why not Stephen Ames from Trinidad?

More than 10 years ago, I happened to be near Bright’s Grove, so we decided to see where Mike Weir lived. Checked the website, and no address.  So we stopped at the local library in  Bright’s Grove and I asked the librarian where I could find Mike Weir’s home.  “Oh, my,” she said.  “He hasn’t lived in Bright’s Grove since he left high school.”

I am not a fan of talented people who rise to fame, and then cannot be open and truthful to their fans and potential fans.
Paul Myles, Grimsby, Ont.


Bob Strong wrote to to comment on a notice of an upcoming show by Red Green: I loved the Red Green Show. I wish that I was able to go there and meet him. He is a crafty man with uncanny duct-tape skills.


Sheila wrote to comments on a column by William Thomas on going unplugged: Best idea I have heard all week. Think I will turn my iPad off before I go to bed tonight and not turn it on till Monday morning. I cannot understand the youth today who are always on their phones.


Janet Naidu wrote to comment on a blog by Bob Wood on Ontario election issues that went undiscussed: Thank you Bob for this informative article. I agree with you completely that more attention needs to be placed on the issues you raised.


Nancy wrote in response to Senate approves extended-stay visa for Canadian retirees:

Canadian residents:

1) spend $18.2 billion annually in the US (2010 stats from Stats Canada)

2) are the number-one foreign buyer of U.S. residential property.

According to the Washington-based National Association of Realtors: Canadians accounted for 23 per cent of the US$68.2-billion of foreign real estate purchases made in the 12 months ending March 2013.

The sooner the US House approves the JOLT Act/ Canadian retiree visa the sooner Canadian retirees can avail themselves of longer stays in U.S. and the sooner Americans can enjoy the proceeds of (even more) Canadians spending on homes, property taxes, goods, services and travel within the US.

By signing our petition you will help us advance the JOLT Act / Canadian Retiree Visa bill through the committee process and onto the House floor for a vote.

If passed the Jolt Act/ Canadian retiree visa would allow Canadians eight months – possibly longer – in the U.S. each year.

As of this writing, the new total number of co-sponsor members in the House is 160. The goal number of co-sponsors is 218. It has taken time but we are getting much closer to the JOLT legislation being passed!

Please sign our petition at:


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