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London, Ont. author Gopaul wants to help feed the hungry

By Mark Spowart
December 08, 2014 - 0 comments

It was an early love of literature and colourful bedtime stories told to him by his parents that has propelled Darryl Gopaul to pen 11 novels. And with his latest, he is giving back to London’s food banks.

Married with two grown daughters who are involved volunteering with local food banks, Gopaul is donating proceed from ebook sales of “Escape from Jipadara” to local food banks.

His titles have crossed many genres from a book of sonnets to a collection short stories exploring how life can evolve in different biological forms, to the whimsically titled “Around the World on Three Underwear”, in which the author chronicles a six-month trek by he and his wife Daphne with stories of people, different food and drinks in the countries they visited.

“I love to read,” said the 75-year-old Gopaul, who spent 30 years as medical microbiologist at St. Joseph’s Health Care in London. “It was the early 1940s in Trinidad and the sirens would go off at night to alert us to turn off the lights, and my mother would be on the sewing machine with her friends and once I started to read, boy, I was hooked on reading,” said Gopaul.

In his new trilogy, written around a fictional solar system named Jipadara, Gopaul writes of three planes that become the focus of Escape from Jipadara. Each planet supports great civilizations with rich histories, but the Jipadara sun is nearing self-extinction threatening life on all three planets. Leaders are forced against their self-interests to meet and agree on a plan to evacuate Jipadara and escape certain death.

It’s not enough to say Gopaul likes to read, it is that he has an insatiable need to do so.

“I remember one summer finishing my exams at Cambridge University and I read 72 little pocketbooks that summer. I used to stay up all night long during my exams, because that is when all the kids would sleep, and I continued that summer, I couldn’t get enough reading.”

Outside of his family, if reading is his Number one love, then travel is closely behind.

“I want more time. I need to travel more. I want to go to Argentina in South American and take a trip around Cape Horn and up to Peru. I don’t know what it is, but there is something telling me that I need to do that.”

Published by Archway, Escape From Jipadara is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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