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Gadgets: Muse strengthens mind; Basis watch monitors body

By Andy Walker
December 17, 2014 - 0 comments

TP-LINK Wireless N Nano Router

If you spend time in hotel rooms and often use hotel internet then you’ll love this gadget. TP-LINK  has created the world’s smallest portable wireless router, smaller than a hockey puck, measuring only 5.7cm by 5.7cm by 1.8cm. The device has the same performance features as a normal size router including 802.11b/g/n wireless capability and a built-in firewall. It can be powered off a computer’s USB connector or a wall outlet. Setting up the nano router is simple. The nano router is lightweight, compact and ideal for travel. Use it to access a secure Wi-Fi connection from temporary locations, like a hotel room, anywhere in the world.

More info:
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

Basis Peak

Basis Peak is a smart watch that can receive calls or text alerts via your smartphone, but adds real-time health notifications, which is its strength. It has advanced sensors that allow the device to capture data about your body and behaviour. It can monitor sleep quality, including hours spent in a specific sleep cycle. It has an optical heart rate sensor that monitors heart rate without a chest strap. You can set goals so Basis Peak can tell you when you have reached a health milestone. And, heck, it even tells time.

More info:
Price: $199.99
Availability: Now

Muse headset

Muse is an electronic headset with sensors that track real-time information on your brain performance. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet using the free downloadable Muse app. Wear the headset for three minutes each day to monitor brain-wave activity while you play a selection of cognitive games from your mobile device. The headband uses EEG brain-scan technology. It measures electrical impulses from the brain that occur externally on the head. Information is then delivered from the headset to the app. Graphs provide valuable information related to emotional state, anxiety levels and ability for focused-attention. Use Muse to strengthen your brain and improve your day-to-day mental state.

More info:
Price: CAN $338.65
Availability: Now



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