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Burlington's Newman debuts at Artworld gallery

By Don Wall
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March 04, 2015 - 0 comments

David Newman of Burlington, Ont., has been working artist for over 30 years but on Jan. 24 was playing host to the first official showing of his works at Artworld Fine Art Gallery in Toronto.

Newman, in his early 60s, has been working in charcoal, oil, watercolours and even metal piping over the years to create diverse works but his duties running his own financial-services company based in Oakville, Ont. as well as spearheading the Federation of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers have tended to monopolize his time. In recent years he has developed his own style, starting with images of such settings as Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville and Dundurn Castle in Hamilton to create vivid landscapes done in acrylic paints on treated, textured surfaces, incorporating photographic images and imagined topography. In the Bronte Park series, small grey/brown images of an old farmhouse in winter are extended into rampant swaths of brilliant yellows, greens and oranges, cascading into a waterfall of terrain. He gets extra depth using slabs of wood – even part of an old door – as a canvas and then layering on the acrylic. Here, he was initially inspired by the sheen of a tabletop in a pub.

Newman has had individual works of art shown in past years but never a full showing until Donna Child, gallery director of Artworld, encountered one of his works and began negotiations. Child told FYI, “Artworld Fine Art is in the business of selling art, promoting art and educating our clients and art enthusiasts on the many various aspects of art … David's mixed media paintings are very unique and bring a new artistic perspective to our gallery.” At the opening, there were eight Newman works on display.

Newman was beaming on opening night. “The chance to relive some of the experience of the creation with those attending was a very interesting experience into itself – I found it exhilarating and awakening,” he said afterwards.

“As to the art scene, being among established and renowned artists at a premier gallery is a wonderful and humbling experience – I guess some would say it’s validation – which is very nice and reassuring that other artists, collectors and a whole bunch of friends turned out to the event. It’s very encouraging to hear such lavish praise and be in this type of a public forumm whereas some of my prior works resides in private hands.”
Artworld Fine Art Gallery, 365 Evans Avenue,


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