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Art to light up Distillery District during Toronto Light Festival

January 27, 2017 - 0 comments

The Toronto Light Festival is a visual journey for the mind designed to entertain and inspire. During the cold, dark days of winter visitors can experience one of the largest open-air lighting galleries in North America at Toronto’s Distillery Historic District, featuring the creativity of local and international light artists from January 27 to March 12.

Free and open to the public the festival is where light forms the primary means or medium of artistic expression. This relatively new art form includes a wide variety of ways light can be influenced. Light art pieces usually emit or manipulate light, colours and shadows in creative ways.

The Toronto Light Festival finds its inspiration from some of the most celebrated light art festivals in the world, including the Amsterdam Light Festival, an annual event where artists, architects and designers from all over bring their light artwork and installations to life throughout the city.

The Toronto edition showcases 21 large light artworks, some of which are up to nine- metres long, by artists from Canada, the United States and Europe.

As stated in the event’s press release; “ In a world with so many dark and ominous messages, we want to create a positive, magical urban world that people of ages and backgrounds will enjoy and look forward to. Simply put, we want to help transform a moment of consciousness, from the cold of the dark into the warmth of the light.”

The festival with light up from January 27 to March 12, Sunday to Wednesday, sundown to 10 p.m. and Thursday to Sunday, sundown to 11 p.m.  The Distillery Historic District is at 55 Mill Street, Toronto. For details visit



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