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St. Patrick's Day Quiz

By Alan G. Luke
February 27, 2017 - 0 comments

You do not have to be a descendant or resident of the Emerald Isle to be a St. Patrick’s Day celebrant. The Toronto Maple Leafs is celebrating their centennial this year as a NHL team; they were formerly named the St. Patricks (1919 – 27). So relax with a bowl of Lucky Charms and an Irish coffee whilst you attempt this Irish-oriented trivia quiz.

1. In The Devil’s Own (1997), Brad Pitt plays an I.R.A. terrorist who seeks refuge in the U.S. to send weapons back home. Who plays the New York City cop he befriends? 

a) Kevin Spacey

b) Gene Hackman

c) Harrison Ford

d) George Clooney

2. What actor from the sitcom Friends starred in Leprechaun (1993), the gory story of an Irish fairy on a quest for his stolen gold coins?

a) Jennifer Aniston

b) Courteney Cox

c) David Schwimmer

d) Matt LeBlanc

3. Who stars as an Irish politician’s right-hand man playing all the angles in a Prohibition gangland, in the Coen brothers’ crime drama, Miller’s Crossing (1990)?

a) Kevin Kline

b) Gabriel Byrne

c) Jason Patric d) Richard Harris

4. What Irish actor won an Oscar for his portrayal of Christy Brown, an Irishman with cerebral palsy who becomes an artist and writer in My Left Foot (1989)?

a) Sean Connery

b) Pierce Brosnan

c) Liam Neeson

d) Daniel Day-Lewis

5. John Ford (1894 – 1973) received his fi rst Academy Award for directing the Irish drama, The Informer (1935). Filmed in the Irish village of Cong, The Quiet Man (1952) won him his fourth directorial Oscar. What Irish-born actress starred with John Wayne in this feisty romance?

a) Maureen O’Sullivan

b) Maureen O’Hara

c) Marilyn Munroe

d) Marilyn Manson

6. In the film classic, Gone with the Wind (1939), Scarlet O’Hara’s father exclaims: “There is no getting away from it if you’re Irish------the love of the land!” What was the name of their southern estate?

a) Cara

b) Casa Loma

c) Tara

d) Terra Firma

7. Ryan O’Neal and Patrick Magee star in the exploits of fi ctional 18th century Irish adventurer. Barry Lyndon (1975) was awarded four Oscars for its production value and was directed by what stellar director?

a) Gerald Fitzpatrick

b) Patrick Fitzgerald

c) Stanley Kubrick

d) Stanley Kramer

8. In The Field (1991), Richard Harris struggles to preserve a piece of land in Ireland from being sold to an American developer played by whom?

a) Tom Cruise

b) Tom Berenger

c) Jeff Bridges

d) Jeff Daniels

9. The successful rural sitcom Green Acres (1965-71) featured Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert) and his wife Lisa (Eva Gabor) who moved from New York City when they bought a farm from Mr. Haney, located outside of what town?

a) Hickstown

b) Hooterville

c) Twin Peaks

d) Twin Hooters

10. The TV version of The Green Hornet (1966-67) was adapted from the popular radio show of the 1930s and 1940s. Who played the faithful manservant Kato in the short-lived TV crime drama?

a) Albert Flasher

b) Bruce Lee

c) Chuck Norris

d) David Carradine

11. On an episode of Cheers, the gang pulls a practical joke on Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern. During this St. Patrick’s Day prank, what did they erroneously accuse Gary of stealing?

a) pub sign

b) bar stools

c) wooden Indian

d) pool table

12. What former pop idol played a leprechaun in the musical Finian’s Rainbow (1968), starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark?

a) Tommy Steele

b) Davey Jones

c) Donnie Osmond

d) David Cassidy

13. Who sang: “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” with Ed Sullivan on his popular television variety show in 1963?

a) Hugh O’Brian

b) Ryan O’Neal

c) Peter O’Toole

d) Sean O’Casey

14. Which one of the following is not an Irish-born recording artist?

a) Van Morrison

b) Bob Geldof

c) Sinead O’Connor

d) Sheena Easton

15. The popular 1960s American musical group, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) recorded which one of the following hits?

a) Green Grass

b) Green Onions

c) Green River

d) Green Tambourine


Answers to Quiz: 1. c), 2. a), 3. b), 4. d), 5. b), 6. c), 7. c), 8. b), 9. c), 10. b), 11. c), 12. a), 13. c), 14 . d), 15. c)


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