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Forever Young Quiz - Rainy Day

By Alan G. Luke
April 17, 2017 - 0 comments

Usually “April showers bring May flowers.” This precipitation generally precipitates indoor activities, be they springtime manifestations or not. To avoid dampening your expectations, try the following rain-oriented trivia questions to dissipate those potential rainy day doldrums.

1. Torrid rains force the evacuation of Huntingburg. When the latest round of flooding drowns the small town, plans to heist millions from an armoured car are in effect. Who played Tom in the actionsoaked film, Hard Rain (1998)?

a) Christian Slater b) Morgan Freeman c) Edward Asner d) John Raines


2. Which actor played a preacher in Rain (1932) starring Joan Crawford?

a) John Barrymore b) Walter Huston c) Clark Gable d) Claude Raines


3. Who directed The Rain People (1969) starring James Caan, Shirley Knight and Robert Duvall?

a) John Frankenheimer b) Billy Wilder c) Francis Ford Coppola d) George Roy Hill


4. What three-time Oscar-winning actress played the spinster romanced by a glib con-man (Burt Lancaster) in The Rainmaker (1956)?

a) Jane Russell b) Katharine Hepburn c) Joan Crawford d) Bette Davis


5. Rainbow (1978), a made-for-tv movie, traced the youthful rise of Judy Garland from vaudeville to the Wizard of Oz. Name the director who was her one-time beau. 

a) Jack Haley Jr. b) Vincente Minnelli c) Jackie Cooper d) Mickey Rooney


6. Name the actor playing the Indian who fell in love with the socialite (Myrna Loy) in The Rains Came (1939)?

a) Tyrone Power b) Errol Flynn c) John Garfi eld d) Ronald Coleman


7. Who played a supply sergeant that worshipped his master sergeant (Jackie Gleason) in Soldier in the Rain (1963)?

a) Paul Newman b) Jason Robards c) Steve McQueen d) Phil Silvers


8. Who was the restless ex-convict returning to his wife (Lee Remick) and daughter in Baby, the Rain Must Fall (1965)?

a) Steve McQueen b) Charles Bronson c) Glenn Ford d) Robert Mitchum


9. Name the actor who co-starred as a drug addict with Eva Marie Saint in A Hatful of Rain (1957)?

a) Frank Sinatra b) Sal Mineo c) Fred MacMurray d) Don Murray


10. Which actress played a married woman who had an aff air with Anthony Quinn in the 1970 romantic comedy, Walk in the Spring Rain?

a) Vera Miles b) Ingrid Bergman c) Sophia Loren d) Sylvia Wilson


11. Who’ll Stop the Rain (1978), starring Nick Nolte, is a film about heroin smuggling from Vietnam to California. It was adapted from an award-winning book, Dog Soldiers, written by whom?

a) Frederick Forsyth b) Robert Ludlum c) Ken Follett d) Robert Stone


12. Who played the New York cop who has his prisoner escape custody en route to Japan in Black Rain (1989)?

a) Kurt Russell b) Bruce Willis c) Harrison Ford d) Michael Douglas


13. In his Oscar-winning role of Rain Man (1988), Dustin Hoff man plays an autistic savant who prefers to buy his underwear at which store?

a) Marks & Spencer b) F.W. Woolworth c) K-Mart d) J.C. Penny


14. Which one of the following ‘rain songs’ was not released in the 1970s?

a) Fire and Rain b) Rain Dance c) Rainy Days & Mondays d) Let it Rain e) It’s Raining Again f) Laughter in the Rain


15. Gene Kelly starred and directed Singin’ in the Rain. In what year was this classic musical released?

a) 1952 b) 1956 c) 1960 d) 1964


Answers to Quiz: 1.a) Christian Slater 2. b) Walter Huston 3. c) Francis Ford Coppola 4. b) Katharine Hepburn 5. c) Jackie Cooper 6. a) Tyrone Power 7. c) Steve McQueen 8. a) Steve McQueen 9. d) Don Murray 10. b) Ingrid Bergman 11. d) Robert Stone 12. d) Michael Douglas 13. c) K-Mart 14. e) It’s Raining Again (1982 / Supertramp) [a)’70; b)’71; c)’71; d)’72; f)’74] 15. a) 1952


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