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Mother's Day Quiz

By Alan G. Luke
May 12, 2017 - 0 comments

It’s time this month for the magnificent maternal manifestation of merriment to magnanimously materialize. So proceed to hug the mother of your choice and attempt this Mother’s Day trivia quiz on behalf of la femme spéciale du jour.

 1. What is the traditional flower to wear on Mother’s Day?

a) red rose

b) white rose

c) red carnation

d) white carnation

2. Which one of the following countries does not celebrate Mother’s Day on the same date as in North America?

a) Australia

b) Norway

c) Japan

d) Italy

3. Anna Jarvis honoured her mother with a special church service in which she donated 500 of the aforementioned flowers to be worn by those in attendance. Six years later, a new tradition was offi cially proclaimed as “Mother’s Day” in what year? (Hint: the proclamation was made by President Woodrow Wilson)

a) 1865

b) 1881

c) 1914

d) 1939

4. What was the birth name of the 1979 Nobel peace laureate, Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)?

a) Agnes

b) Irene

c) Mary

d) Sarah

5. What liqueur is mixed with vodka to create the libation, Godmother?

a) Amaretto

b) Ouzo

c) Kahlua

d) Sambuca

6. Sansevieria or “mother-in-law’s tongue” is commonly known as what house plant?

a) Arrowhead

b) Snake Plant

c) English Ivy

d) Dumb Cane

7. Humorist Erma Bombeck wrote “Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession” (1987). Which playwright wrote “Motherlove”?

a) August Strindberg

b) Samuel Beckett

c) Anton Chekhov

d) Bertolt Brecht

8. My Mother, the Car (1965-66) was a sitcom starring Jerry Van Dyke and the voice of actress Ann Sothern as what type of car?

a) Edsel

b) Porter

c) Cadillac

d) Desoto

9. The Mothers-in-Law (1967-69) starred Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as neighbours. Who played the friendly Mexican bullfighter in this sitcom?

a) Emilio Estevez

b) Juan Martinez

c) Jose Jiminez

d) Desi Arnaz

10. A spin-off of one of the Carol Burnett Show’s popular sketches resulted in Mama’s Family. During what season was this short-lived sitcom, starring the wigged-out and well-padded Vicki Lawrence, initially aired.

a) 1980 - 81

b) 1983 - 84

c) 1986 - 87

d) 1989 - 90

11. The book Mommie Dearest was made into a movie in which Joan Crawford was portrayed by whom in the 1981 film adaptation?

a) Jane Fonda

b) Karen Black

c) Meryl Streep

d) Faye Dunaway

12. The Hillbilly duo of Ma and Pa Kettle were first introduced in the movie The Egg and I (1947). In the 10-year film series, who played the rambunctious matriarch?

a) Marjorie Main

b) Donna Reed

c) Jean Peters

d) Anne Baxter

13. A Cairo librarian and an American legionnaire unwittingly unleash a 3,000-year-old legacy of terror in the hitech version of The Mummy (1999). In what year was the original horror classic, The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff released?

a) 1932

b) 1937

c) 1941

d) 1946

14. In the film, Mother Is a Freshman (1949), a young mother and her wholesome daughter (Betty Lynn) vied for the affection of Van Johnson while attending college. Who played the mother?

a) Jane Wyman

b) Loretta Young

c) Doris Day

d) Dorothy Lamour

15. Which comic actor became Mr. Mom (1983) in a role reversal with actress Teri Garr?

a) Tom Hanks

b) Michael Keaton

c) Robin Williams

d) John Candy



1. c) or d) if deceased, 2. b), 3. c), 4. b), 5. a), 6. b), 7. a), 8. b), 9. d), 10. b), 11. d), 12. a), 13. a), 14. b), 15. b) 


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