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June 09, 2017 - 0 comments


February 3 – Rock ‘n Roll musician Buddy Holly is involved in a fatal plane crash at the age of 22.

March 9 – Barbie is first introduced at the American Toy Fair in New York. More than a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide since then.

April 30 – Stephen Harper is born. Harper would go on to an active life in Canadian politics and was elected Prime Minister of Canada in 2006. His reign as the head of the country would end in 2015 after being defeated by Justin Trudeau.

December 2 – York University in Toronto is founded.


January 3 – John Lennon’s album 2 Virgins is declared pornographic in New Jersey.

January 30 – The Beatles perform their last live concert-a 42-minute show on the roof Apple Corps headquarters in London.

March 20 – John Lennon of the Beatles marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

September 27 – The Ontario Science Centre opens its doors in Toronto for the fi rst time.


January 16 – Ted Cassidy, the actor who played Lurch on the popular television show The Addams Family and was also known as the voice of The Hulk died at the age of 46. Cassidy underwent surgery to remove a non-malignant tumor from his heart and succumbed to post-surgery complications.

May 4 – Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

August 31 – A comet hits the sun releasing energy equal to one million hydrogen bombs. The incident was the fi rst recorded occurrence of a comet hitting the sun.


The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal declares that all Canadian Forces trades and occupations will be open to women within a 10-year time frame. The Canadian Armed Forces opens all occupations, including combat roles that same year and Heather Erxleben becomes the first female Regular Forces infantry soldier for Canada. Look Away by rock band Chicago is the number one song on the 1989 yearend Billboard Hot 100.

April 21 – Nintendo releases the handheld Game Boy unit. Over the years the Game Boy would see a number of updates and is still a popular gaming device as a retro item. 

December 31 – All rail service is terminated in Prince Edward Island after CN Rail abandons its historic rail lines within the province. 


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