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The Power of Prayer

August 01, 2007 - 4 comments
I picked up the April 2007 issue of Forever Young at the library and wanted to comment on your article entitled The Seniors Agenda.

It is remarkable how society is taking seriously the wellbeing of our senior citizens. However, it seems that only the physical aspect of their lives, not the emotional and spiritual, is important, as seen in your newspaper.

Yet the spiritual aspect - where do we go after we die and how to be ready - is far more important. We are near to a global annihilation, either by wars or natural disasters, but few are ready for it. We have been told of them but few believe that these evil events can be cancelled with enough people praying. The prayers of our seniors, all united, would be a life-saving force.

Some of our seniors are not able to do much physically - but they can pray. It does not matter so much how they pray but that they do so. This would give them a purpose in life and greatly benefit society and themselves. It will be through prayers that the world will be saved, not through advanced technology.

I am still praying that you will consider having a section on faith in your newspaper where people can share their experiences and send their thoughts to you on various subjects. I could give you many good examples, if you were interested to hear them, where God has helped me in a difficult situation because I prayed and He gave me the light to know what to do.

Pierrette Gagnon



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