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Women don't climb ladders

How many times have you heard a man say, “I’m not sick”? They say it because they don’t want to be sick and, if they are sick, they don’t want to know about it.

The Girl on the rock

The answer to the old boys’ question, “Who do we get to spend eternity with?” is everyone we ever loved. All the moments of your life that were given to, shared with a specific person can only belong to that person.

Women on the move: Becky

Women on the Moveis a one-a-month series on this blog about women of retirement age who refuse to retire from life. Women who seek and embrace change. Women who stand at the bend in the road and, with a sense of adventure, impulsiveness, curiosity and courage, keep walking.


Only you will ever know the moments that make it all worthwhile.

Listen to the quiet

The first warning came from my grandmother. I was 27, running through life. Not like there was no tomorrow but like I had to get to tomorrow before anyone else did. My grandmother gave me a book, “Slow Me Down, Lord”. I did not listen to the warning.

Could she dance

She was a 70-something, 5-foot something, silver-haired beauty with eyes that could carry on a conversation and a smile that could make a beggar give up his last dime.

Advertorial: 300 More Reasons to Head South For the Winter

As temperatures begin to drop up North, Southern Vacation Rentals is gearing up for the winter by adding nearly 300 vacation rentals to their options for guests to stay along the beaches of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama.

Advertorial - Snowbird season is almost here

Get ready for a sweet Southern experience because snowbird season is almost here!

Advertorial - Choose a sweet southern winter vacation in Northwest Florida

Dreaming of spending your winter in a warmer climate? Southern Vacation Rentals wants to help you find the perfect home, cottage or condo rental in Northwest Florida for your extended stay this winter.

Hamilton: Not a lunchpail town

A trip to the Hamilton area will soon convince you that there is much more there than steel-mills, bowling alleys and football.

Forever Young Information

Canada's Adult Lifestyle Publication

Retirement: find your sweet spot


I hope you take some time out of your busy days, weeks and life to plan for your future because your future is important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life as we live in the “now” society. Just remember, planning is simply looking into the future to make our future more predictable. - click for info.

Wed. Spotlight - Retirement: Planning for paycheques


There are many possible pay cheques a retiree could receive in retirement. click to learn...

Mon. Spotlight: Death and taxes


It has been said that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. At least with death it only happens once.

Friday Spotlight: Review your life insurance in retirement


Do you need life insurance in retirement? This question may sound easy to tackle but it may be more complicated than you think. Common issues and situations include...

Noon Spotlight - Retire Happy: Review portfolio, control risk


...But those good old days are long gone and today, it is really difficult for retirees to find safe places paying more than 1, 3 or 3 per cent on their money. It’s really hard for retirees to put all their money into guaranteed investments and live off of less than 3 per cent...

Retire happy: Get rid of debt first

Less debt is better than more debt but the best debt of all is no debt! In my retirement workshops, I always ask my participants to share with me their most pressing questions about retirement. One of the more common questions...

Toning down the rhetoric: How much saving is enough?

  RRSP season runs from the beginning of January to the end of February. During this time, there is a plethora of advertising and messages about the importance of saving for retirement. Every study commissioned by the big banks and financial...

For many, retirement includes work

There was a time when retirement simply meant “not working.” It was a time to relax and wind down. For many, that meant sitting on the couch and literally doing nothing. This happened at a time when you retired at 65...

Retirement is not a vacation

  Within 6 months of your retirement, everyone is going to ask you THE question: “What are you going to do when you retire”? For most people, the automatic answer is “travel more.” It is the number one response when you...

Estate Planning - Make sure you have the right executor

Aug 07, 2010 - 11 comments

According to the Canadian Bar Association, “The executor gathers up the estate assets, pays the deceased’s debts, and divides what remains of the deceased’s estate among the beneficiaries.” An executor is the person who you name in your will who will...