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BOB'S BLOG The Boston Marathon and Tom Longboat

On April 19, 1907, Longboat a member of the Onondaga Nation who grew up at Six Nations, southeast of Brantford, Ont., ran to victory at the Boston Marathon.

BOB’S BLOG: Allan Cup has a century of great hockey memories

Hockey fans looking forward to an alternative to the Stanley Cup playoffs should check out the upcoming Allan Cup tournament in Dundas from April 14-19.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: lads of Croyden and India attracted to shrapnel

Born in 1925 in Croydon, England, Ed Pearson volunteered to join the British Royal Air Force at the age of 16 and during World War II served in India and Burma.

Sheridan's Age Aware Summit a must for businesses engaged in mature market

Sheridan's Age Aware Summit features internationally recognized author and mature market expert Dick Stroud of the UK-based consultancy 20plus30.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: India was a shock to the senses for the troops

Upon our arrival in Bombay, the first shock to hit us was the sweltering, stifling heat and oppressive humidity quite unlike anything we’d known during Britain’s miserly summers.

BOB'S BLOG Followup on visit by Brown Booby

Researcher got the scoop on the poop

Blog / ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: At 17, I wasn't a well-travelled youth prior to the war

17 year old Ed Pearson begins his wartime adventures

Gene Valaitis of radio team Jesse and Gene laments radio bean counters

I cried watching Jay Leno signing off. I spent 23 years in broadcasting

BOB'S BLOG 1 day till Sochi. 5 to watch for Canada

Here are five athletes who may not end up owning the podium but have worked hard to get there.

Blog/ ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: Ready for action after gunner training

FYI is proud to welcome back Ed Pearson as a contributing blogger.

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Datebook: Goings on in Toronto

Feb 16, 2014 - 3 comments

Tonight - Flesh And Other Fragments Of Love, presented by Tarragon Theatre in its Mainspace, until Feb. 16 / Some Enchanted Evening, presented by The Civic Light-Opera Co. to Feb. 23 at Fairview Library Theatre - click for more entertainment ideas

Feeling frisky?


After a cardiac event “a rough guideline is, if a guy can climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded, post surgery – he's ready.” - click headline

Valentines, stew for love!

Feb 14, 2014 - 1 comments

"Madame Pompadour, the greatest of French mistresses, often dined on seafood as a prelude to l'amour" - click headline

Bronze fit for the barn

Feb 13, 2014 - 14 comments

Forty-six years ago this month, a busted hockey stick, left abandoned on the ice at the Olympic arena in Grenoble, France, just might have cost the Canadian national team a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics - click headline

Laughlines: The driverless car is here!

Feb 12, 2014 - 14 comments

Normally I would be against a robot driving my car but seriously, if it gets rid of my backseat driver, I’m all for it - click headline

Why you shouldn’t borrow for your RRSP

Feb 11, 2014 - 0 comments

As the March 3 RRSP deadline draws closer you may get a pitch from your bank to borrow to make a contribution. It may not be a good idea - click headline

The butler did it

Travel, World Slideshow
Feb 10, 2014 - 6 comments

Having our own butler made every day special on the Venice-to-Athens cruise aboard the 540-passenger Silver Spirit - click headline

Beatlemania: the inside story

Feb 09, 2014 - 10 comments

“Visually they are a nightmare: tight, dandified Edwardian Beatnik suits and great pudding-bowls of hair. Musically they are a near disaster, guitars and drums slamming a merciless beat that does away with secondary rhythms, harmony and melody.” - click headline

Putting all between the ears says Putting Doctor

Feb 08, 2014 - 16 comments

“If you don't have a specific, methodical PPR, good-bye!” - click headline

On the Mirvish stage: Raw war stories

Feb 07, 2014 - 0 comments

Stephen Rayne’s production The Two Worlds of Charlie F has astounded audiences with its emotional depth and honesty since its debut January, 2012 at a London theatre - click headline